May 18, 2024


•        One-stop-clothing reference. All information related to clothing production ranging from design, pattern, material and production is available in 1 platform.
•        Selling materials that are not sold in general fabric stores
•        Providing custom pattern making services that are not yet common in Indonesia
•        Provides a 100% money back guarantee
•        Flexibility choice of couriers (tailored shipment)
•        Prices are less competitive.
•        The network of suppliers and vendors is not large
•        Lacks control over stock availability, availability of resources, time and in the production process.
•        Not able to provide COD (Cash on Delivery) services
•        Has a huge market potential, if managed properly.
•        Potential revenues from non raw materials is also large, such as advertisements, logistic fee.
•        The size of the members is another potential for developing revenue streams that have not been worked on so far.
•        The decline in people’s purchasing power has an impact on the decline in the amount of production and demand.
•        Many vendors and suppliers create their own marketing channels, which provide lower prices.
•        If there are big players who build the same business model, will be very difficult to compete.