May 18, 2024


Question (1): What field of work that you do now?

Question (2): What the type of company you are in?

Question (3): How long has your company been established?

Question (4): How many employees in your company?

Question (5): How many people in Marketing & Sales team?

Question (6): how many customers are served by (or using products of) your company?

Question (7): What kind of marketing strategy enrolled by your company?

Question (8): does your company already have a customer database system?

  • Already have
  • Not yet

Question (9): how do you think the customer database system can be used to increase sales?

  • To see customer detail data
  • To view purchase history
  • To offer the same product / service
  • To offer new products / services
  • To offer discount / promotion
  • To track sales performance
  • To analyze customer behavior

Question (10): What is the most effective frequency to offer products / services to your old/existing customers?

  • More is better
  • Once a week
  • Every 2 weeks
  • One a month
  • Every 3 months

Question (11): what information is most needed by your customers?

  • New products / services
  • Availability of frequently purchased items
  • Discount/promotion
  • Birthday greetings

Question (12): What the most important report should exist in the customer database system?

  • Data of all customers
  • Number of new customers
  • Number of old customers who re-order
  • Sales / Marketing team performance in remarketing
  • Churn customers
  • The number of interactions between customers and Sales team

Question (13): how important is the customer database system owned by the company?

Question (14): How effective this system can be used to increase sales?

Most respondents work in the Marketing & Sales and Product Development areas. They work in Saas and Bigdata company with age more than 5 years. The number of employees is less than 50 people with Marketing & Sales team less than 5 people. The number of customers is 10-50 customers with online and offline marketing strategies.
Unfortunately, not all of the company have a Customer Database System. Although all respondents stated that this system is important to be owned by the company and can increase sales effectively. This system will be useful for viewing customer detailed data, purchase history to be used to offer similar products / services that have been purchased or to offer new products / services. According to respondents, the remarketing is most effectively done once a month. This system will also be used to view new customer data, repeat customers, and churn customers. Which can ultimately be used to assess the performance of Sales & Marketing team and analyze further customer needs.